How to Get a Wage Garnishment Removed

Can you afford to live on 50% of your paycheck? Probably not. When the IRS or a State has failed to collect back taxes, they will begin to seize assets. If phone calls and letters are not returned, they will take the next step. This process is called a “levy”. The taxing authorities are legally allowed to seize bank accounts, demand payment from accounts receivable, take control of property for auction, and assume title on vehicles. Virtually anything of value can be seized to satisfy the outstanding debt.

Wage garnishments are another form of tax levy, though the seizure of assets from your paycheck is an ongoing process. If the levy on your wages is removed through tax resolution, the wage garnishments will be stopped.

Since wage garnishments function as a basic form of a forced, involuntary installment plan, they can sometimes be removed through tax resolution by setting up a regular and approved installment plan. Besides removing the burden from your employer and giving you the power to handle the payments yourself, an installment plan can often be set up with payments that are considerably less than the wage garnishment amounts. That is why this form of tax resolution is very common.

Levies and wage garnishment can be the most stressful and humiliating of all collection tactics. They do this to force taxpayers into willful compliance. We may be able to release your wages from garnishment and/or possibly stop the levy. Suncoast Tax Solutions has been successful in getting levies lifted and garnishments stopped in a timely manner. We know your rights as a taxpayer and we are here to help.